I am interested in distilling experiences into visual language,
transmuting emotions into line, shape, symbol.

On a good day this feels like alchemy.

Marks, for me, have personality: an anxious, wobbly scribble; a certain, steady swoop; a hopeful wash of color. My aim is to make marks that are honest, unmannered and spontaneous. Over the years, a symbolic vocabulary has emerged: cups, bowls, arches, drips, circles, repeated lines.

Collage and composition are about relationships: what to cut away, what to include, and how to discover the points of tension or balance. I am interested in how elements connect, collide, collaborate, creating a bigger whole. Layers of paint, found paper, or fragments of my own drawings contribute to the dialogue.
I enjoy repurposing accounting ledgers, math books and old encyclopedias, pulling them away from Facts and Certainty, and into my art, where they become part of the language of an internal knowing.