Art making is another way of speaking. It’s a way to share emotions, insights and reactions.

My best articulations come through the language of mark making, painting, stitching, stapling, collaging and composition. Sometimes words or phrases come to mind as I’m working, and I make them part of the piece. Other times I include gestural marks that stand in for words.

I follow the lines I draw to see where they lead. I trust my gut as I cut, rotate, and re-arrange parts of a piece. I am interested in how elements connect, collide, and collaborate, and what surprises emerge from the process. I aim to create art that resonates with the emotional state I’m expressing – and I hope my art will unlock a response in someone else.

I often use found paper from accounting ledgers, antique encyclopedias, flash cards, or index cards. These old papers have beautiful surfaces and subtle colors which I like. But even more so, I love pulling these materials away from their roots in the Land of facts, certainties, rights and wrongs –– to put them to use in my art, where layers and multiplicity abound, and they become part of my language of representing an internal type of knowing.