My work is primarily about connection and relationships. I construct my art from disparate parts, looking for unexpected relationships and poetic through lines. I think about improvisation, the ineffable, utterings. It’s a process of what to preserve, what to obscure, what to cut away. I’m interested in where elements join, align or converse in a surprising way.

I often use found paper from accounting ledgers, antique encyclopedias, flash cards, or index cards. I’m drawn to these sources of printed words for the meaning they contain, and the authority they imply, both of which I challenge and reinterpret. Through layers of paper or paint, I transform existing letterforms or text blocks. Sometimes I include gestural marks that stand in for words –– existing below the surface of complete comprehension, like hearing a muttered phrase but unable to decipher its meaning.

So much in our lives is disembodied. Working with the analog materiality of cut / drawn / painted forms and marks allows me to share artifacts of my embodied action. Connecting elements allows me to connect to being present, and perhaps to stitching us together.